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Lil’ Gym vs The World

Lil’ Gym vs The World

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Fitness has the ability to do so much good, but instead it is constantly being wasted on Instagram selfies, sex, and ego. The potential we have as a fitness community is limitless- we have the ability to influence other influencers. This is more powerful than money, but somewhere along the way we lost ourselves. Instead of spreading positivity, our time is spent in front of our phones worrying about how many likes we got on our last post.

Change .0001% of the World

Why is WTF trying to change the world? Simple, because we are strong enough to handle it. Sure, its already hard enough to maintain a healthy fitness business in NYC. And yes, it’s hard to keep up with our own personal workouts while constantly attending to our clients needs. However, no matter how tired and defeated we are, we make sure we do not let that affect our goal: to change .0001% of the world. It’s so easy to say “f*ck this shit” and just try to get rich– but even if we have to claw, kick, and scream to move forward with the little resources we have- we will improve the world.

Our Charities

Domestic Violence

Why domestic Violence? I grew up around it and it sucks. It’s such a hopeless feeling to see a love one suffer in front of you. We made it WTF’s mission not only to empower women, but to educate men on how to be truly strong by being soft. Luckily, our main fitness modality is boxing- which means we are able to train one’s character along with their physical fitness. WTF has partnered with the Center Against Domestic Violence (CADV) as well as Help Haven Women’s Shelter. Every holiday season for the past several years, we have held a toy drive to give Christmas to the families of Help Haven. This past year, we had so many toys, we were able to give some to the CADV as well. In partnering with the CADV last year, we began holding donation-based boxing classes. These classes take over the entire front of the gym, and are open to members, friends, and victims of domestic violence. With anywhere from 5-8 instructors, we rock the house with pad work, circuits, and awesome music, of course. All proceeds go to the cause.


Why cancer? Thats how I started my career. I worked with cancer patients when I first started teaching boxing, it was something that fell in my lap and I really enjoyed it. The whole world is already making patients feel sick and sorry. Instead, I worked to empower these individuals and make them feel strong, while learning a sport that supposedly is only for the young and fierce can thrive in. Well- nope, if your ass can extend your arms in front of you, you can box. I would talk to them as if we were getting ready for a fight in Madison Square Garden, and they would fall in love with being able to focus on a different kind of fight rather than the one for their life. =

Sometime last year I was in a bad place. I was losing myself, and then all of a sudden this heart breaking story fell in my lap. Jamie Purzak, a young woman had only months to live because of a rare bone cancer, and she wanted to go to Croatia one last time and get married before her illness took over. I was absolutely heart broken, because here I am, wasting this potential I have to do good, and there are good people is this world that are just fighting to live. Because of Jamie we started our charity events, and we haven’t looked back since. Thank you Jamie, we miss you.

At Risk Youth

Coming soon: A midday program where at risk youth will learn to box and join our fight team- free of charge. The program will teach not only boxing- but the ability to stay humble and dedicated to achieving success. They will be permitted to stay in the program as long as they are doing well in school and in their community. For members to stay in the program, they will have to pay it forward- help other charities and help other people. They will help us with our charity events, as well as learn to promote boxing for empowerment. Have some one in mind that would benefit from the program? Send us an email with some information about them.


WTF plans to move forward to change the world in a big way.


You may have noticed that throughout much of this article I have used the word “we” and not “I”. Yes, my experiences have influenced a lot of the decisions that has made WTF what it is today- but, this team feels just as strong– even stronger– about doing good in this world. I am blessed to be surrounded by a bunch of wacky, kind hearted, group of misfits. Love you guys…

– Alberto “El Jefe” Ortiz

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