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Youth Boxing For Change Goes Back To School

Youth Boxing For Change Goes Back To School

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Well, it’s that time of year again. Bathing suits are being packed away. Mornings are cooling down. Evenings are getting dark. It’s no longer socially acceptable to drink Fros√©. We all lament the end of summer. But, here at Youth Boxing For Change, we are celebrating. If you don’t know what we’re about, read this post.

It’s back to school time, and that means the YB4C teens are back at Work Train Fight.

YB4C is gearing up to kick off our biggest semester yet. With packed classes, we look forward to our teens enjoying the new and improved WTF bootcamp studio. We have an all-star line-up of instructors ready to teach our butt-kicking classes. And in addition, we have exciting events planned, including: community service outings to local soup kitchens, in-studio workshops to help our teens prepare for college, and much more.

And perhaps the most exciting news of all, YB4C has become an official non-profit organization. Now we need YOUR help!

Money you donate to YB4C will be used towards:

  • MetroCards to assist teens getting to and from the gym on Saturdays
  • Boxing gear such as wraps, mouth-guards, and head gear, as some of our veteran members start sparring
  • Enhancing community service outings and in-studio workshops
  • Recruitment and advertising to grow the program.

We can’t change the world all by ourselves, we need your support. So head on over to our page and make a donation today.

Thanks for making this dream possible.

XO, The YB4C Team

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