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New Trainer Spotlight: Evan “Sofrito” Zoughy

New Trainer Spotlight: Evan “Sofrito” Zoughy

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Alright world, it’s that time again. We are so excited to introduce our newest trainer, Evan “Sofrito” Zoughy. You’ve already seen him around the gym, now get ready to get your butt kicked in his class: Wednesdays at 7:45pm.

Read below to get a taste of that Sofrito:

Elena: Hey Evan! So–how did you first come to Work Train Fight and what has your evolution here been?

Evan: I came to WTF as a new front desk boy, but everybody here helped me grow as a boxer and a trainer and now I am about to have my own classes. I’ve been working hard in Staff Development and one-on-one with trainers 6 days a week. Now my goal is to learn as much as I can to become better at what I do every day.

Elena: You’ve definitely been working hard. What are your three favorite things about being a part of WTF?

Evan: Being around very knowledgeable trainers, the atmosphere and most importantly, the dogs!

Elena: Your dog King is a celebrity. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself, when you are not at WTF, what’s your favorite way to spend time?

Evan: That’s easy: watching football, going to the dog park and cooking.

Elena: Alright! We have the next Top Chef. What’s your favorite food?

Evan: My favorite food is my mom’s homemade beef stew.

Elena: Aw, Momma’s Boy. So, what’s been the most rewarding part of becoming a trainer?

Evan: The most rewarding part is feeling like I can give someone a great workout.

Elena: Awesome, I’m sure the members will appreciate that too! Ok, so what music can they expect to hear during their a** kicking?

Evan: Anything with good beats or motivational lyrics.

Elena: OK, last question: describe your class in 5 words.

Evan: Explosive, fun, technical, limit pushing.

There you have it folks! Come find out for yourself this Wednesday at 7:45pm.

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