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Fight Night III: Rematch of the Year, Party of the Century

Fight Night III: Rematch of the Year, Party of the Century

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It’s fighting season at Work Train Fight.

The WTF Crew is gearing up to host Fight Night III on November 10th. The event is on track to be bigger and badder than the past two, with an expanded and updated gym, better fights, sexy-as-ever attendees, get ready for the party of the year. It’s about to get weird

WTF has gone to great lengths to make sure the fighters selected are top notch, ensuring the most exciting and entertaining bouts. That means pinning our WTF fighters against the competition. With fighters signed up from Overthrow, Church Street and boxing gyms city wide, it’s about to get real.

Nikki’s Journey

Fight Night II

Last November, for Fight Night II, WTF trainer Nikki Campbell fought in her first developmental bout. The two fighters went toe-to-toe in an evenly matched and well-fought bout, ending in a crowd’s decision” W” for Nikki.

Fast forward almost a year, and Nikki has been hard at work. “I increased my training with [my coach] Freddie, as well as sparring and lifting.” Nikki said, “once August rolled around I knew it was time to focus on the fight aspect.” Nikki and Freddie decided to enter an amateur fight with future Fight Night competitor Morgan Kendall.

The fight, held at Church Street Boxing gym last Friday, was a close one. The two fought hard and, in the end, the decision went to Kendall. Nikki says of the fight, “I went in there knowing I had a good fight ahead of me. I wanted to make my coach and my gym proud. I knew the game plan, I knew that I was well trained and that it was time to work. She was a good opponent and pushed me. Obviously it wasn’t the outcome I wanted, or even felt I deserved, but that’s what the rematch is for.”

The Rematch

In the last few weeks leading up to Fight Night III, Nikki remains as disciplined as ever, and this time, is determined to come out with a win. When asked how Nikki has developed as a fighter, Freddie says, “Nikki is a completely different fighter than this time last year. I’ve had more time to mold her. She’s grown more confident”

Both trainer and fighter are confident going into the rematch on November 10th. Nikki says, “I’m excited! Who doesn’t love a good rematch?! I don’t have anything to prove; I have something to take back. I’m ready to bring this to my home turf; have my gym, friends, colleagues and loved ones support and cheer me on. I’ve never been more alive than in that ring and I’m excited to have that feeling again!”

Come through on Friday November 10th to watch Nikki and Morgan battle it out. And, you know, free tequila shots don’t hurt either.

Tickets for Fight Night III will be available soon, and won’t last long, so stay tuned.

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