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YB4C Introduces Mentorship Program

YB4C Introduces Mentorship Program

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Youth Boxing for Change is excited to announce that in 2018 they will be unveiling a mentorship program! In case you missed the boat, YB4C is a non-profit organization committed to empowering young people from under-resourced communities. Check out their story here

Chand Nirankari, Vice President of YB4C, says, “I’ve seen first hand how mentorship plays a positive role in the lives of young people and it has always been one of our goals to provide mentors for each of our teens. By matching up our teens with qualified mentors, we hope it will make a lasting impact on them, both inside and outside the boxing ring, as well as provide a rewarding and fulfilling experience for the mentors.”

YB4C is looking for eligible adults from the Work Train Fight community to mentor teenagers throughout the semester (February 24 – May 19th, 2018). The mentorship would include weekly text check-ins, keeping track of their attendance, and participating in 3 Saturday afternoon classes with their mentee. For all the details, please check out our application.

“We hope that by establishing a positive relationship with a caring mentor, the teens will increase their confidence, self‐esteem and sense of hope,” she says.

And you can help YB4C achieve that mission.


Apply now or contact YB4C at info@youthboxingforchange.org if you have any questions!

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