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This Valentine’s Day–Give the Gift of WTF

This Valentine’s Day–Give the Gift of WTF

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February– a month of love, romance, roses, chocolates, and…punching?

At Work Train Fight it is. We’re using this hallmark holiday to get you and your boo in the gym and kicking butt together.

Starting Monday January 29th (and running for a limited time only) we’re launching our first ever Partner Training promo.

You’ll get four Partner Training sessions with a top WTF trainer for $340 (that’s a savings of $140– enough to take your valentine out for dinner after a few rounds in the ring).

And the best part is, you pick your partner (so you don’t have to worry about being paired with that weird, sweaty guy from class). It could be your roommate you’ve always secretly had a thing for, the girl you’ve had a crush on for years, or your real-life valentine. And don’t worry, if you’re the non-monogamous type, you can bring a different partner each time- we don’t judge!

Boycotting Valentine’s Day altogether? Don’t let your cynicism stop you from taking advantage of this great deal: invite a friend, a co-worker, heck, invite your mom!

Regardless of who your partner is, there are tons of reasons why Partner Training is the new Personal Training: it’s fun, it’s competitive, you learn more, and you learn faster. Plus you can live out your very own #relationshipgoals and get some serious Instagram credo. To get the full rundown of why Partner Training is the next big thing, read our previous post here.

This Valentine’s Day, make a commitment: to workout with the one you love, or like, or well, just want to f*ck. We promise, you won’t be disappointed with the results.


-Elena Carpi 

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