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Women’s History Month: Empowerment in Boxing

Women’s History Month: Empowerment in Boxing

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Before boxing, I was a different person- quiet, passive, always somewhat tiptoeing. I knew there was more for me, I knew there was a way to find myself and to find a type of confidence I’d always wanted but never known I’d had. Boxing brought to me not only empowerment- but patience with myself. How to “woosah” in any moment and how to believe that no matter what, I have the power/resources/chutzpah (my grandmother’s word for guts) to get it done.

March is Women’s History Month and we want to pay homage to that by blasting out some of the women of WTF- who are in this gym, day in and day out just beasting. On top of jobs, obligations, family, pets, social and personal lives- these ladies let nothing hold them back. These beautiful women that INSPIRE me. Special thanks to them for allowing me to take up some of their time for this :). Below 6 fine ladies of WTF share where they’re from, what they do, and why they love boxing.

Dorothy Soo

IMG_15711. Hong Kong born, Brooklyn bred. 

2. Bank Manager.

3. It’s my ultimate form of stress release after the long days at work. Nothing beats punching it all away. I’ve also watched myself transform from when I first started- physically and mentally. And after coming to WTF for the past 5 years , it feels like home. I travel an hour each way and there’s no gym I’d rather go to. The vibe, the energy, the people. You can’t find it elsewhere!



Sarah Varki

1. California.

2. Software Product Manager.

3. I love boxing because it’s always a challenge. No matter what you think you’re good at, there’s always some thing to improve. It’s also difficult to do everything correctly at once; it forces patience to pick one thing at a time to focus on. It’s also amazing how much stamina it requires; the people that you think are the fittest ever will still get winded in a 3 min round, and give you inspiration to keep trying harder.

Stefani Maccarone

1. Connecticut.

2. Office Manager.

3. I first came to WTF three years ago when the boredom of a regular gym made it hard to keep going. I was looking for a better workout but I found so much more. I’ve made great friends with the other members and they help keep me accountable. The trainers are amazing. They push me to my limits and genuinely want us to succeed, even the trainers I don’t personally work with. It’s a community you don’t get anywhere else. Boxing gives me confidence and I’m stronger and sweaty every time I walk out the door. There’s no place like WTF!

Cristina Gonzalez

1. Originally fIMG_1552rom Puerto Rico, grew up in Central New York.

2. I currently work for the Mayor’s Office as my day job, but I am also working with WTF  on their Community Outreach Program.

3. I love boxing for so many reasons.  I’d never been an athlete until last year when I decided I wanted to run a half marathon that I started exercising regularly.  Boxing, and especially boxing at Work Train Fight, has finally allowed me the opportunity to be a part of team in a way I never got to be while in school, to be a part of a crew that pushes you to be better, to work harder. Boxing has allowed me to prove to others, and to myself, that I am not this delicate flower, but fierce and a force, which is how I’ve always felt on the inside.  Pushing myself to do things I never thought I was physically capable of doing, to get that punch combination down and hit the mitts just right– I can’t think of anything that makes me feel more empowered than boxing.


Chand Nirankari

100801_WORK_training_02641. NYC.

2. Non-profit communications and digital media.

3. Boxing for me is an active meditation- something that I can give 100% of my focus to. I love that there is always more to learn, even after all these years I still feel like I’m barely scratching the surface. Thanks to boxing, I have become a stronger person, both mentally and physically, and that is incredibly empowering.


Megan Guinan

1. Jersey

2. Actress (you can check me on Limitless CBS).

3. Boxing gives me control and immediate gratification in a business that likes to make you wait. Not to mention sometimes you really just want to hit someone..maybe not the best career move.


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