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The Next Big Thing…WTF Lessons!

The Next Big Thing…WTF Lessons!

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Work Train Fight loves boxing. By this time, you know all the reasons why we think boxing is the best. And hopefully, you’ve experienced some of those benefits for yourself. But we’re not stopping there. At WTF, we are committed to helping our clients become more well-rounded individuals, and that means going beyond boxing.

That’s why we are launching WTF Lessons. These 75-minute workshops will focus on a variety of topics, all aimed at improving your overall wellbeing. We present to you…


Salsa: Learn how to salsa dance with Owner and CEO Alberto Ortiz. Not only is salsa dancing fun, sexy and a good workout, it will also help you to have a better night life. Yelling in a bar, trying to have a conversation with a person you were matched with on the latest dating app gets old pretty quick. Learning to salsa dance will open up an entirely new avenue of entertainment. One that is not centered around drinking. One where you can meet people live, in real time (imagine that). One where you can go out and have a blast and not wake up regretting it the next day.

Salsa Lessons at WTF will take place weekly, and will include individualized attention, partner work, and yes…wine.

Strength: While we love boxing and the benefits it brings, as trained fitness professionals, we know that boxing is not the end of the road. In order to be balanced and fit in your body, strength training is a must. And now that we have our newly renovated, fully-equipped gym, we want to teach you how to use it. Our monthly Strength Lessons will include hard-core instruction on how to use the squat rack, barbells, free weights and all that other intimidating equipment you see around the gym.

And with good exercise habits, comes good eating habits. Enhance your nutrition by attending WTF Lessons aimed at building your knowledge of food and how to properly fuel your body. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get that summer body.

Stretch: We all know that WTF-ers go hard. You guys take your training seriously, now it’s time to start taking your recovery seriously too. These monthly workshops will teach you how to incorporate stretching and recovery techniques into your practice. Whether it be yoga, foam rolling, or dynamic stretches, these WTF Lessons will leave you feeling long, limber and ready to take on the world.

How it works:

WTF Lessons will cost $20 and can be purchased conveniently on the WTF App or through your online account. When you purchase a WTF Lesson online, it can be used for any of the workshops available within 60 days. 

The first Salsa Lesson will be Sunday 2/25 at 2:30pm and will be for LEAD/MALE DANCERS ONLY.

Our first OPEN Salsa Lesson will be the following Tuesday 2/27 at 7:45pm. This lesson is an intro to partner dancing, and is open to all levels. 

Sign up now, space is limited! 

At WTF we have your best interests at heart, and we are excited to help you achieve your full potential. Stay tuned for future scheduling. And we’ll see you at WTF Lessons!

-Elena Carpi  

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