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How WTF Will Improve Your Boxing

How WTF Will Improve Your Boxing

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Shhh…We Have A Secret Boxing Class NYC

Our members know something you don’t.

Work Train Fight is not just another boutique boxing gym. We’re not here to provide the latest trendy workout. We’re not here to get you sweating, meanwhile neglecting your form. We ARE here to teach you real boxing. Here’s how.

At Work Train Fight we offer a wide variety of services all tailored to one goal: to help you grow as a boxer. Whether you are coming to us with no experience or, ahem, the wrong experience, we will help you develop and excel.

One-on-One Instruction

We include both one-on-one and semi-private sessions in our monthly membership. That means our members get real, hands-on teaching from our top instructors. We work hard to make corrections and improve weaknesses, all while giving you a kick-butt workout.

Classes That Teach

Our group classes make up the bulk of our members’ experience at Work Train Fight, and so we strive to make sure they are getting the best possible experience. Our classes are unique for several reasons. work-gym-boot-05cord. vac remove

One is the set up. We have two classroom areas, both different, both designed to maximize your workout. In our front classroom, we have a variety of different punching bags, all built to develop and test your skills. In our back classroom, punching bags pull out from the wall so they’re not in the way when they’re not being used. Makes sense.

But beyond our physical space, the thing that makes our classes the most unique is the set up. While we start the class off together, we soon break down into circuit style training, with drills, strength training, bag work and most importantly pad work.

Each class gives members extensive opportunity to work the mitts with our top trainers. That’s experience that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Ready, Set, Fight

Once you feel confident with the skills you’ve mastered through classes, one-on-one and semi-private sessions (and trust us, it won’t take long) you can put all of that to the test through our weekly Fight Classes. This is great way to have controlled, supervised experience with real-world sparring.

Finally, for those interested in taking it all the way, our bi-annual Fight Night offers a fun and exciting way to gain experience in a real boxing match.

So what does it all mean? It means we can take you from a total beginner to a bonafide fighter. Because to us, boxing is not just a trendy workout. It’s a skill. And it’s our passion to teach it to as many bad-ass New Yorkers as possible. Because we don’t want a bunch of members who can “box.” We want a bunch of members who can box well. And THAT is the WTF experience.
Stay tuned for the video coming soon highlighting the entire WTF experience.

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