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Boxing Instructors: The Next Generation

Boxing Instructors: The Next Generation

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We Love Our Product 

At Work Train Fight we are obsessed with our product. We are head over heels for making sure our boxing classes are the best they can possibly be.

Having the best product doesn’t mean putting our name on every possible surface. It doesn’t mean having model-esque instructors or high-tech light shows.

It comes from making sure our trainers, every one of them, is able to lead a completely kick-ass class, every time. This doesn’t just happen naturally. It takes a lot of time and energy to create a top-notch boxing instructor. Luckily we’re willing to put in the work, so that you can reap the benefits.

Building Better Boxing Instructors

At Work Train Fight, we don’t just throw anybody into the ring. All of our new instructors undergo a rigorous “Staff Development” program, in which they are coached on how to become an effective, engaging and exciting instructor.

Staff Development is lead by our Talent Manager Nikki Campbell, “I help new trainers learn, practice and understand our technique for teaching these bomb ass bootcamp classes!”

She explains, “Our members work really hard and are extremely dedicated to learning boxing. Staff Development ensures that our trainers are up to the challenge of providing safe, exciting and high energy training in a class setting.”

Whether a fitness newbie, or an OG, all our instructors undergo the same rigorous training. This includes, “holding mock classes that test their ability to handle all different sorts of class situations. Having them teach class in a different voice to get them out of their shell and comfortable being silly in front of a group of people.”

From leading a class as Batman to teaching using only body language, our Staff Development makes sure that when it’s go time, our instructors can handle any situation.

A Diversity of Experience

Our Staff Development isn’t exclusively for new trainers. At WTF, no one is safe. We will throw our veteran trainers in there every once in a while to make sure they stay on their A-Game.

In addition, we make sure to strengthen our instructors weak points. Are you a kick-ass boxer but still haven’t mastered the front squat? We got you. Great at one-on-one’s but haven’t found your inner extravert for a class? No problem. In a few short weeks, we can take any instructor and get them up to speed. And that speed is called awesome.

What’s the best part for Nikki? “This is gonna sound super cheesy, but the best part is seeing new trainers succeed and teach their first class that’s high energy, smooth and gets great reviews. I walked the same exact path as them and I know what it’s like every step of the way. Seeing their success is simply extremely rewarding.”

The Part That Matters

Nikki Campbell and Crew

We don’t do this because it’s flashy. Or because it will get us more Likes or a new #hashtag. We do this because the number one most important part of your experience at Work Train Fight is the person leading your class. That’s that part that matters.


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