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Boxing at the Next Level: WTF Fight Class

Boxing at the Next Level: WTF Fight Class

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unspecified-2Cyndi Lauper has been telling us since since the ’80s that Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

At Work Train Fight, we’re singing a different tune. It’s called Girls Just Want to Fight.

WTF Women Kick Butt: Last Saturday and Every Day

Take this past Saturday for example. We had forty of our most kick-butt women attend a female-only intermediate boxing event. The results were epic. Forty women, punching it out, sweating, laughing and growing. Together.

These women experienced more advanced shadow boxing moves, such as blocks, parries and fakes. Then they got hands on with partner drills, boxing related fitness exercises and even a little light sparring.

Boxing: From Training to Fighting  unspecified-3

At WTF we are all about building a community around empowering our members, female and male. The formula is pretty simple. Get strong, get confident. Change yourself, then change the world around you.

Our members start off at WTF innocently enough, coming in just looking to get fit or learn a new skill. Maybe work out a little aggression along the way.

But let me tell you one lesson I’ve learned through personal experience: boxing is addictive.

You learn your basic punches, you learn some defense. You might even get comfortable moving around the ring. But eventually, you are going to have that moment when you look up at your trainer and ask the inevitable question: “What’s next?”

unspecified-4WTF FIGHT Classes Take You to the Next Level

That’s where our fight classes come in. This is a great option, for both females and males, who are looking to take their boxing to the next level and try out some sparring.

The environment at our WTF FIGHT class is both electric and controlled. Under the supervision of our top trainers you will get matched up with a fighter of similar ability and size. And then you get to put all your training to the test.

We have two fight classes currently running. On Fridays at 6:45 p.m. we have FIGHT Novice, which is specifically geared towards men and women who are just getting their hands (and feet!) wet.

For those with a bit more experience under your belts, come on Saturday at 12:30p.m. to FIGHT Open. This class is literally open to all, those just starting off and those who have been sparring for years.

The only requirement is to bring a mouth guard (because: dentists). Head gear is strongly encouraged but not required, and as always we provide gloves or you can feel free to bring your own.

So, if you’re ready to step it up and try your hand at some controlled sparring, join us! And get ready to work, train and FIGHT!

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