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WTF Promotes Youth Boxing Worldwide

WTF Promotes Youth Boxing Worldwide

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Busoga Boxing Club

Youth Boxing Worldwide

OK WTF-ers, we’re at it again.

What’s better than promoting youth boxing and empowerment right here in New York City? Doing it here, and across the globe.

We are working with #GotGloves?, an amazing initiative that provides boxing equipment to youth boxing gyms in Uganda.

Please take a minute to read their story here.

What To Do:

What does that mean for you?

It means, clean out that closet and bring in any old boxing gloves, headgear, jump ropes, wraps, etc. Seriously, nothing is too small or too used. These kids need equipment and will be thrilled to receive your old stuff, even if it is a little stinky.

Once you’ve gathered up a few items, bring ’em in to WTF. We will have a collection box out all week.

Together we can empower youth not just here in NYC but all over the world.

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