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Boxing Beats Spinning’s Ass!

Boxing Beats Spinning’s Ass!

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Spinning has been popular for some time now. However, it might be losing it’s steam to a tough competitor: boxing. You may have also noticed the surge in popularity for boxing as fitness, and we know why. When I started training at WTF, I walked into this gym that houses a slew of professional and extremely technical and talented fighters…knowing nothing about boxing. I SUCKED. I was literally just awful, I had no coordination and I’d never thrown a meaningful punch in my entire life. But if we all walked away from everything that scared us- we would always stand still. I quickly felt at home and became empowered by this sport that was about to take over my life- I was determined to become skilled enough to teach everyone how to box.

Read on to learn what the founder of Work Train Fight, Alberto Ortiz, has to say on why boxing is better than spinning. All of my die hard spinners be warned, you may not like what you hear.

This will piss off a lot of people, but the truth of the matter is that spinning is EASY.

Alberto on Why Boxing Beats Spinning…

I recently sat down with El Jefe, who has very strong opinions on this topic. I am not going to lie, while he was talking I was thinking “Ohhh shit I can’t say that, thats going to piss off a lot of people”. Thus, he said it. Keep reading for 3 reasons why boxing is better.

“Spinning Is shit For Your Posture”  

“So let me get this right….most of us already work sitting down, we already have weak glutes, forward rounded shoulders, and weak lower backs- our response to all that is to workout sitting down and further promote these imbalances, WTF? And please don’t get me started on the fluff exercises that are happening on this bike. You should be balancing your body to the stress of everyday life, things that keep you up-right, that strengthen your posterior muscles and challenge your core in a more functional way. Here at Work Train Fight, we supplement our boxing with strength training in order to give you a full body endurance workout, along with strengthening those muscles that are neglected in everyday life.”

“What Are You Actually Learning?”

“Learn some REAL shit: Who the fuck takes the skills of a stationary bike outside of the studio? Where else can you apply that in your life? What boxing does for your body and your life is no comparison to slaving away on a stationary bike in the dark for 45 mins. When I talk to a new member I explain to them that boxing challenges you cardiovascularly, its mentally engaging and you never know when you’re going to have to knock a bitch out, so its useful.

Lets face it, we all want to know how to defend ourselves. There is something really empowering behind feeling confident that you can throw a punch. Now, I am not saying that through boxing classes you are going to be a fucking ninja, however it is a step in the right direction. Here at WTF we have a 3 tier class system. You have the ability to take your boxing as seriously or as lighthearted as you want. You can take fitness boxing in the back studio, technical boxing in the front group training area, and real deal full contact boxing in the boxing ring. Regardless of the boxing experience you choose, it will outweigh the benefits you get from spinning.”

“You Know Why Spinning Is So Poplar?!?!”    

“This will piss off a lot of people, but the truth of the matter is that spinning is EASY. Oh yeah, I get people who say they sweat like crazy, their heart is racing, etc, etc. However, thats not what I mean. I do not mean easy in intensity, I mean its MENTALLY easy. You can’t really fuck up a stationary bike. Unfortunately, we live in a society that only wants to do things that they are good at. Hence why– the ladies who are already flexible do yoga, and the men who are already muscular stick to weight lifting.     

We give up on things so fast because we are afraid not being good at something. Well let me tell you some shit, heart like anything else is a muscle, and I don’t mean the cardio vascular part of it, I mean the willingness to persevere, the ability to suck today with the confidence to know that you will not suck tomorrow. And thats why I fucking love boxing, there is no other fitness modality that can train your heart in that regard. 

 Look, I am an ambassador of health and fitness so you know what, if cycling is what keeps you moving then go for it. However, I do hope that you will consider that there is way more to fitness than just sweating fat off. Through fitness you can actually train the savage in you, the fire that will allow you to take on this brutal world and achieve great things. So choose your fitness modality wisely, because it can greatly affect your character.”

Get in Here

WORK GYMPromotional ImagesBoxing will change your life. It will help you tap into a part of yourself you’ve always known was there but haven’t been able to let out. It doesn’t matter how small or big you are or where you came from, trust me, YOU CAN BOX. Get yourself and your friends in here! Sign up here to get your WTF experience. For $97 take one private personal training session, 1 semi-private session, and one bootcamp class- this guy comes with a pair of gloves, wraps, and a gym sack to carry it all.

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