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Stephanie’s Road to Fight Night IV

Stephanie’s Road to Fight Night IV

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For the next three weeks, we will be sharing exclusive interviews with some of the most highly anticipated fighters in April 28th’s Fight Night IV. As if you needed any more motivation to come and see the action…

Stephanie Anzalone: Rookie of the Year

Elena Carpi: Hi Stephanie! So, when did you start boxing? And what made you want to do it?


Stefanie Anzalone: I started boxing within my first few years of living in NYC. When I began it was primarily for self-defense, but once I started to learn the true mechanics and science of it all, I fell in love.


EC: How long have you been preparing for Fight Night? What has your training consisted of?


SA: I’ve been boxing for fun for quite a few years, but I’ve been consistently training to get in the ring to fight for a little over a year. I work out 5-6 days a week. One day with my coach, Martin Rios, at least one day sparring, and the rest working to strengthen my weaknesses, fine tune everything and stamina, stamina, stamina.


EC: That’s the name of the game. This will be your first fight. How does it feel? What are you most nervous for? Most excited about?


SA: I feel so ready! I’m really looking forward to putting all this hard work to use. I think the atmosphere the night of the fight will be a bit of an adjustment but I know all of that will fade once I throw my first punch.


EC: That’s awesome. What is your mind-state going into the fight? What will you do the day of to get prepared?


SA: I’m staying focused on the end goal. I’m not paying attention to any outside elements except for what I need to do to bring home the win. I imagine the day of the fight I’ll do things to try to keep me the most relaxed and to curve the nerves.
EC: I can’t wait to see you fight! So, what’s your favorite thing about boxing?


SA: My favorite thing is how technical it is…how much quick thinking is involved….how in-tune you have to be with every part of your body. Some people think boxing is such a violent sport, just beating each other up, but it is so so so  much more than that.


EC: Very true. So most important question yet, what’s your plan post-fight?


SA: Pizza?…Pizza and bourbon haha.


EC: If you could wish for one thing, in regards to your first fight, what would it be?


SA: Of course to bring home that W and make my coach proud. But I don’t like to think of it as a wish, more of positive affirmation, that it already exists.


Come watch Stephanie make her dream come true on Saturday April 28th. Doors open at 6:30pm. Tickets are on sale NOW. Every single Fight Night has sold out. Don’t miss the boat— buy your tickets NOW

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