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Why Everyone Should Punch Like a Fighter

Why Everyone Should Punch Like a Fighter

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Fisticuffs for Fitness

As the popularity of boxing grows, so too does the variety of people partaking in it. It is no longer just for those ready and willing to get roughed up in the ring. In fact, there is a large (and quickly growing) group of fitness enthusiasts who recognize that boxing is a great way to get fit and lose weight–regardless of whether they ever plan on moving from a punching bag to a human target.

Work Train Fight’s Mark Sayer– strength training coach, experienced fighter and guest blogger- explains why, even for those interested in purely fitness related goals- they still need to punch like a fighter. There are numerous technical points to throwing a great punch properly, below, Mark gives us three to get you started:

Turn Your Heels Over

“If you have taken any Work Train Fight classes, I’m sure you have heard this cue or some variation of it. So, for arguments sake, if you are only in class to lose weight- why does this matter to you?

I’ll tell you right now, simply put: more muscle being used equals more calories burned. The only way to lose weight is calories out being more than calories in. To emphasize that, this statement is not theoretical, it is FACT. Miss Cleo or your daily astrology reading is something you CHOOSE to believe in. If calories in are less then calories out, it equals weight loss; much like gravity, you don’t have to believe in it for it to exist.

So, what I’m saying is when your trainer tells you to pivot or “turn your heels over” they are basically saying “use more muscle (burn more calories).” Doing this when you punch engages the larger muscles of your glutes and core when you throw that cross. Meaning: more caloric bang for your buck. 

Don’t F**k Your Shoulder Up 

A good hook punch involves having your fist, elbow, shoulder in a straight line. Even when a fighter throws a hook from an angle to hit their target, you will see these three joints in a line.

Why? Because when they are in line, you transfer your power from your legs and core (see above point) through your larger muscles of the shoulders and pectorals. When you DON’T- the ever so fickle rotator cuff muscles take the brunt of the force. To put it into basic terms, those are the “pitcher’s muscles” that fatigue and tear easily.  You don’t want that.

Keep Your Chin Down

Number One with a capital N reason why, and I’m sorry to say it, you look stupid if you don’t.

Ok, seriously, as mature adults we should all try to respect the process and do things right. And that means, simply, you should keep that chin down.

Second, your head weighs roughly 20lbs, and is the northern-most point from your center of gravity. If you’re reading this, I assume you have at one point in your life taken a physics class: weight x distance = momentum. If your chin is up, you will not only be signaling “you don’t know what you’re doing” but it will make every single movement you do harder and less sexy.

And let’s be honest, everyone wants to be sexy.”

So there you have it folks. If you found this informative and would like to learn more, Mark is currently taking on new private training clients. You can find him at Work Train Fight or on his website.

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