Work Train Fight

The New and Improved WTF

The New and Improved WTF

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Things You’ll Only Understand If You Work Out At WTF:

“Wait, where’s the bathroom?”

“Why am I waiting in this long ass line for the elevator, when I’m just going up one floor?!”

“Damn, can a girl find an open heavy bag?”

“I forgot the code to the bathroom, again.”

The Big Reveal

Look, we know we aren’t perfect. And we love that you have put up with all our imperfections and kept coming back. Because, even if the package isn’t the most beautiful/functional/spacious, you know what we deliver makes up for any minor inconveniences.

And, as the reward for all your patience, you’ll be receiving…a brand new expansion!

That’s right, Work Train Fight is taking over. The entire floor that is.

The expansion, starting July 1st and running through the summer (we’re staying open because WTF=life), will nearly double the square footage. That’s means:

  • A more spacious studio for your classes (more elbow room for those left hooks)
  • An entire boxing area dedicated to our members, for them to hone their skills
  • New cardio equipment including a StairMaster and SkillMill to get your sweat on.

In addition, we are updating our locker rooms, more than doubling their size. We’re providing resettable lockers so you can leave that old MasterLock at home. And perhaps the most exciting news of all: you won’t need a code for the (new and improved) bathrooms!

Moreover, we’re giving you a bigger and better WTF Store, where you can browse for everything from new boxing gloves to cute tops to shorts and pants. Because, now more than ever, you are going to be proud to rep WTF.

The Big Reward   

So yes, you’ll be getting a better gym, a better workout and class experience. A better bathroom experience. But beyond that, what makes us excited is:

  • Our charity events can be bigger, meaning more money going to causes that matter
  • We can hold more classes for our youth boxing program
  • Fight Nights will be bigger, badder and more frequent.

So we want to say a big THANK YOU for putting up with a less than perfect gym, and get ready for the new and improved Work Train Fight!


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