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The Brains (and beauty) Behind WTF Apparel

The Brains (and beauty) Behind WTF Apparel

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Designer Kate “Bad Mofo” Hyman

When you’re proud of your gym you like to brag about it. One of the best ways to do that is by repping their gear. At WTF we make it easy and fun, by having our very own apparel line. The brains (and beauty) behind the operation is our very own star trainer Kate “Bad Mofo” Hyman. I sat down with her to get the inside scoop.

Elena: Hi Kate! What new and exciting designs are you working on? 

Kate: I’m working on designs for hats! Both printed and embroidered. We also have some really funky new gloves coming in a few months- I can’t wait- they’re different than anything we’ve done so far.

E: What equipment that you use to create this stuff? 

K: We use a heat press to make hats and tees, and we just purchased an embroidery machine. It’s very complicated and scary looking, but we’re committed to creating more quality gear for our members.

E: Can you describe your process for creating designs and then producing them? 

K: Now that we have our own printing equipment, I usually get an idea and then just try things. Then I can adjust it from there and see how it looks in real time, instead of waiting weeks to get it from a printer. We’ve been able to get more creative and try more designs that way.

E: What is your design background? 

K: My background is in photography. I was a photo re-toucher before I became a trainer. It wasn’t until I started working at WTF HQ that I started designing. I just used my background to guide me. It’s been a huge learning experience and required a ton of research on my part. It’s nice to have the opportunity to exit my comfort zone.

E: What is your favorite design this year? 

K: My favorite design this year is a really simple one. It’s the ladies crop top that is bold and simple on the front, with “work train fight” in feminine text on the back.  


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