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Work Train Fight Presents Youth Boxing For Change

Work Train Fight Presents Youth Boxing For Change

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Work Train Fight’s Youth Boxing Program

It’s an exciting time to be a teenager. That is, if you are a WTF teen.

Youth Boxing for Change was born out of the Work Train Fight Youth Boxing Program, which was started in May 2016. And it is booming. Last week we kicked off our summer semester. With both girls and boys groups filled up, we have our hands full. And we can’t get enough.

What We’re About

Social Consciousness

Our mission at Youth Boxing for Change is much more than just to make these young men and women better boxers (although, that too). One of our main objectives it to help them become more socially conscious individuals. We achieve this by having our teens volunteer and help with our charity events, supporting causes such as The Center Against Domestic Violence and The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. Because helping our next generation learn to help others is the gift that keeps giving.

Preparing For the Future 

We also want our teens to be better prepared for their future, whether they plan on becoming a delivery nurse or a music producer. So we’re offering seminars on topics such as “how to write a college essay,” and hosting our very first Career Day, where various speakers will share their experiences working in a particular field.


Our teens are learning organization and responsibility by planning and facilitating their own fundraisers. This past June, they raised over $2,500, which was enough to send them on an end-of-semester trip to 6-Flags.

It made us proud, watching the teens prepare, coordinate and administrate and entire event, successfully!

The June 10th Salsa Night was fun for everyone involved. From the homemade food and desserts, to the music, the dance moves, and the generosity of our members, everything came out perfectly.

And most importantly, the teens learned an important lesson about just how much effort it takes to organize an event of this size.

Having Fun

After all the hard work was over, exams passed, graduations held, we got to watch this group of hard working teens enjoy a day of sun, rollercoasters and waterslides. It was the best possible reward.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. This semester we are planning WNBA outings, outdoor lessons in the park,

and much more. Because at the end of they day it’s about creating memories, creating a safe space where these teens can explore their identities, their hopes for the future. Where they can be exposed to new things and share their own experiences with new friends. All that and a one-two punch.

So if you or someone you know might be interested in joining us for the fall semester, please find our application and more information online at youtboxingforchange.




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