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Partner Training: Worth It’s Weight In Gold

Partner Training: Worth It’s Weight In Gold

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 Drake said: I don’t like my girls single, I like my chicks in two. 

Doublemint Gum said: Double your pleasure, double your fun.                                                                                                                    

WTF Said: F**k it, we’re making Partner Training the new Personal Training.

There are endless reasons why Partner Training (i.e. duet sessions) is the new Personal Training. But most New Yorkers don’t have endless time, so here are

The Top 5 Reasons Why Private Training Kicks A**

  1. One word: Competition. There’s nothing like going toe-to-toe to get your motivation sky high. Come on, no one likes being on the bottom.
  2. You learn from your partner’s mistakes. Like in Personal Training, you will be corrected by an experienced trainer. But with Partner Training, you’ll also pick up on useful tips given to your partner, turning your weaknesses into strengths twice as fast.
  3. You’ll partake in the countless partner drills that are only possible if you have, well, a workout partner. You’ve seen all those cute Instagram posts of workouts with BAE and BFFs. Well now you can try them out. Minus the relationship headaches.
  4. Variety. With our new Partner Training sessions, you’ll choose what kind of training you want to focus on, on any given day. From Muay Thai to upper body strengthening, from boxing to squats, we’ve got it all. And therefore, so do you.
  5. It’s cheap. Let’s be honest, unless you’ve got a money tree, every New Yorker is looking for ways to save a bit of cash. Well, this is the new best way.

You can read all you want, but it’s not getting you any closer to a six-pack or that sick right hook. So get up, get out there, and find out for yourself.

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