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NYC’s Most Underrated Boxing Gym

NYC’s Most Underrated Boxing Gym

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that boxing has become an increasingly popular workout option. Take a walk around town and you’ll see countless new boxing studios popping up. But don’t be fooled, not all boxing gyms are created equal

10 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Work Train Fight:

1. Ass Whoppings for Everyone: 

WTF caters to whatever boxing means to you. All our classes are heavy in boxing training and fitness circuits. In EVERY class you will do MITT work with the instructor, which is unheard of in NYC. Our classes are held in 3 separate spaces:

Back Studio- a sexy, private, bootcamp studio in the back for fitness-based boxing.

Front Space- an open class space in the front for technical boxing.

Boxing Ring- where sh*t goes down.

On top of that, we host our very own Fight Nights, where members can compete in officially sanctioned bouts. The event is complete with complimentary tequila shots at the door, sexy-as-f*ck dress code, ring card BOYS and the audience votes on the winner.

2. Our Crib is Fly AF:

WTF is the only 10,000 square foot boutique boxing studio is NYC. Unlike other places, we’re not going to kick you out after class. We want you to stay and practice your craft. On top of the studios, we have plenty of gym space which includes punching bags, squat racks, deadlift platforms, cardio machines and much more. WE ARE THE ONLY COMPLETE BOUTIQUE BOXING GYM IN NYC.

3. Our Instructors are Gangstas:

Learn from the best. At WTF you’ll be learning from instructors who eat, sleep and breath boxing AND fitness. From Golden Glove winners to Muay Thai fighters, our certified instructors are the real deal. They aren’t just savages in the ring, but are also educated and responsible fitness coaches. At WTF you’ll get the best of both worlds.

4. No Assholes Allowed (rule does not apply to staff):

Everyone is welcome. WTF enforces a strict NO ASSHOLE policy, to ensure that anyone who walks in the front door feels at home. Male, female, scrawny, jacked, boxing-newbie or boxing OG, everyone has a right to learn in a safe fun environment. Our team is family and we have zero tolerance for disrespect.

5. We’re Cheap and Easy (No–not like that):

We believe in over delivering and making peoples lives easier. Our WTF Experience promo includes unlimited 55 min classes, 2 semi-private sessions, 1 partner training AND free wraps for only $97 (because real boxers don’t use quick wraps). OUR MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES THE SEMI/PARTNER SESSIONS EVERY MONTH. In a world that makes you pay $35 for a shitty 42 minute bag class, you will not find a better deal than this.

6. F**k MindBody:

You guys complained about all those third party softwares and we responded by creating our own sh*t. The WTF app allows for very easy sign-ins to your classes and training sessions, easy package purchasing AND includes over 40 tutorial boxing videos so you can keep perfecting your craft on the go.

7. A Boxing Gym that doesn’t charge for Air: 

Our amenities game is on point. Brand new, extra-large locker rooms, A/C around the whole gym, shower/hand towels, clean odorless boxing gloves… ALL INCLUDED. Shoot, we even have water fountains. We see what’s happening out here in the boutique world and we don’t think it’s right that you are being nickeled and dimed for everything. Even our membership includes private training, so you won’t have to pay $120+ an hour like most places for extra mitt work with the instructor.

8. We Be Funny, or At Least We Try: 

Because life’s too short to take yourself seriously. At WTF, no one is safe: we make fun of our competitors, our members, and most importantly, ourselves. Check out our Work Train Funnies next time you need a laugh. And who knows… maybe one day you make the cut into one of our videos.

9. Dogs Rule, Kids Drool:

Look, we live in NYC, where we praise dogs more than babies. It’s messed up I know, but come on, it’s the truth. Hence why at WTF you’ll usually see a furry little smashed face parked at the entrance of the gym. We know how much you love ’em and we want to make sure you keep coming back, so really we’re just trying to trick you into come back everyday.

10. Our Heart is Bigger Than Our Shit Talking:  

WTF is dedicated to making the world a better place. That’s why WTF created Youth Boxing For Change– an organization that teaches urban youth social responsibility through boxing. Becoming a part of the WTF community means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to give back. Because no one wants to be on Santa’s shit list.

So there you have it. And if you’re still not convinced, there’s only one more thing to do: come by and see for yourself.


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