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Three-Peat: Candice Ligator Trains For Her Third Fight Night

Three-Peat: Candice Ligator Trains For Her Third Fight Night

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Don’t let appearances fool you. Candice may look like the sweet girl next door, but her hook will knock you into the next zip code. She’s a faithful WTF-er and two-time previous Fight Night participant. Read her interview, and don’t forget to check out her Promo Video below to get a taste for what to expect at Fight Night IV!

Elena Carpi: Hi Candice! Thanks for chatting. So, when did you start boxing?
Candice Ligator: I started a little over two years ago when I got bored with ClassPassing my way through NYC. The workouts were fun, but nothing was challenging…until I came to Work Train Fight.

EC: How did your training progress from classes to the ring?
CL: I started training one-on-one pretty early on in my boxing. Recently, I started training with Martin. Our sessions usually consist of whatever I need work on that week!

EC: This will be your third fight. How is it different than your first two?
CL: I know what to expect. I honestly think the more fights I have, the more pressure I put on myself to grow in each one.

EC: How do you feel going into this fight, compared to your first fight?
CL: I want to show what I’ve been working on. My first fight was more to prove that I could do something that terrified me. This is proving that I have the skill set to continue.

EC: What are your thoughts on your opponent Jaehee?
CL: Jaehee is a fighter. I remember when she was new to Fight Class. She never gave up, and showed up every week ready to learn more. She is a sweet, tough girl.

EC: Do you feel better knowing your opponent personally, or would you rather fight a stranger?
CL: Honestly, it doesn’t matter, because when the bell rings, she is just my opponent. After the fight, we can have a drink together!

EC: What’s your favorite things about boxing?
CL: It is never stagnant. You’re doing it wrong if you don’t walk away learning something each time. That is one thing I love about Martin, I never know what our session will look like.

EC: What’s your plan post-fight?
CL: Back to the drawing board on Monday to continue working. My goal is to have a forth, fifth, sixth fight! Oh and carbs, I really miss them.

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