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Member Spotlight: Sarah Gill

Member Spotlight: Sarah Gill

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At Work Train Fight we are blessed to have incredible members. We created “Member Spotlight” as a way to share their stories with the world. Read on for some major fitness (and life) inspiration.

Elena: Hi Sarah. First question, how long have you been training at WTF? Describe your transformation. 

Sarah: I started training at WTF in May of 2016, about 6 months after my husband’s death.  As his caregiver during a 22-month battle with Stage IV cancer, I’d basically been in survival mode and hadn’t worked out or really given any thought to my own health in a long time. Coming to WTF was one of my first steps in trying to build a new life for myself after that loss.

I was so out of shape that my first few months were really difficult. After my first intro session I was so sore and tired I actually called in sick to work the next day because I could barely move. But I loved the challenge of learning something new and the feeling of doing something that was for me and my health. So I just kept coming back, no matter how tired I was. I started out training twice a week and eventually worked my way up to fives days a week.  I’ve also lost 40 pounds and 4 dress sizes in the process.

Emotionally, I feel like boxing and the community at WTF has given me so much more confidence and security in myself.  Everyone is so supportive and the trainers really challenge you to push yourself to improve.

E: Wow, that’s a pretty amazing story! So, what is a typical week for you at WTF?

S: In a typical week, I usually take 3 Box Group or Box Work classes, 1 semi-private class and 1 strength training session with Amber.  I love working on technical boxing skills in the semi-privates, but since I’m really uncoordinated, it’s probably the most challenging for me. The daytime Box Work classes are great because it’s a lot of the same people, so seeing them and building friendships and a sense of community in class is great. And I love lifting weights with Amber and the feeling of getting stronger.

E: Awesome. Now that you’ve been around the gym for a while, what advice would you have for someone just starting out on a fitness journey?

S: Motivation comes and goes, so don’t depend on it.  Making a commitment to myself and keeping it was what really gave me the discipline to keep coming back week after week.

E: Solid advice. Now, we think you are super inspiration, but tell me, who inspires YOU and why? 

S: Lately I’ve been really inspired by all the amazing women in my life and the power of female friendship.  My girlfriends have been such a big part of my life the past few years and I really wouldn’t be in as good a place as I am if I didn’t have their support.

E: We’re all about girl power. So, besides being a WTF-er, what do you do? 

S: I’ve worked at NYU for 11 years now and really enjoy it.  I currently work for the studio art department managing facilities & operations.  I also rock climb and recently got into mountaineering over the summer (Amber helped me train for my course–the strength training was so essential for some of the climbing I did there).

E: Sounds like fun! Looking forward, what are your goals for 2018?

S: I want to keep improving and getting stronger.  I’d really like to work on getting my boxing skills to the point where I’d feel comfortable joining the Fight Class. I’m also planning another mountaineering trip for next summer, so getting stronger and having more endurance for long days of climbing is a big priority for me.

E: Alright, last question. Describe WTF in 5 words.

S: Amazing, supportive, energetic, challenging and fun.

E: Aww…I’m totally blushing. Thanks Sarah! 

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