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How Conditioning Will Improve Your Boxing

How Conditioning Will Improve Your Boxing

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What if we told you the best thing you can do to improve your boxing is to…NOT BOX?

Why Is Conditioning So Important?

Surprising, right? Hear us out. The best thing you can do to improve yourself as a fighter is to engage in some serious conditioning (read: ass-kicking). But don’t just take my word for it. Ask any of the top boxing coaches out there and they’ll tell you too.

Freddie Soto, who in his days as a boxer won two Golden Gloves and was a 9x Amateur Champion, has been training amateur and professional fighters for the past 19 years.

He says, “conditioning is important because fatigue makes cowards out of fighters. When you run out of wind you get reduced to human punching bag.

And nobody wants that.

WORK Class Will Get You In Fighting Shape

At Work Train Fight you have options. Yes, you can train with a world-class coach like Freddie. Or for those of more humble means, try our WORK class. WORK class is designed to give fighters a competitive edge.

Trainer Kate Hyman, who teaches WORK classes, says the following: “WORK gives members a break from boxing. If you take boxing every day, there’s going to come a point when your body needs a break. Additionally, WORK class helps members learn proper lifting form and conditioning movements that translate to boxing.”

With the best equipment out there, from Kettle Bells to Medicine Balls and beyond, WORK class, “allows members to train smarter, make more progress in boxing, and in their overall fitness.”

Our members agree.

Faithful WORK attendee and jiujitsu fighter Kevin Blain says, “WORK class is tremendously important for fighters like myself. It helps builds physical conditioning and aerobic fitness that is needed to endure a fight. It definitely makes a difference in setting the pace to finish strong. In a fight, it’s not always the most skilled person that wins, it’s the most conditioned.

WORK Is For More Than Just Fighters

While WORK class is great for training fighters, everyone can benefit from it. The skills you learn in WORK class will help to improve posture, strength and mobility. Asiah Charles, a longtime WORK class member says, “the WORK classes are a good way to learn more about your form so you don’t hurt yourself when working out. Proper form makes a world of difference.”

WORK classes are held: Monday 6:45pm, Tuesday 7:45pm, Wednesday 7am and Sunday at 11am.

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