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Why You Have To Be An Asshole To Be Fit

Why You Have To Be An Asshole To Be Fit

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And I bet by the end of this post, you’ll agree with me.

I’ve been training mofo’s for a long time now, and I’ve heard it all. Almost always, during the first few sessions with a client, I encounter this question: “Can you help with my diet plan?”. Having heard this request hundreds of times before, I can’t help the sarcastic smile that crosses my face as I say “Sure, but it will not be the traditional type of help you expect.” As I proceed to ask the client a few questions, the dialogue- without fail- goes something like this:

Me: “I want you to tell me a healthy breakfast option.”

Client: “Umm well, some eggs , with some avocado, with maybe an apple.”

Me: “Awesome ok, now tell me a healthy lunch.”

Client: “A salad with some chicken and light dressing.”

Me: “Great, awesome, now tell me a healthy dinner.”

Client: ” Grilled salmon with some vegetables.”

Me: “Great, now tell me two healthy snacks.”

Client: “Um, a greek yogurt and a protein shake.”

Me: “Great, Why the F**K do you need me to waste my time and write this out for you?!” Then, I proceed with…. “You see, you already know what you have to eat, that information is already out there for you in Google, etc. Information is not the problem, WHAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM?” Finally- with a smile on their face- almost as if they had an ah-ha moment (because they had no idea where I was going with all of those questions) they go…. “ME.” I say, “EXACTLY.”

treat the problem, not the symptoms

Too often in the fitness industry and overall in life we chip away in the external issues without ever getting to the root of the problem. Sometimes not knowing what to eat may be the issue (rarely). Lets be f*n serious, if you Google “vegan 1,800 calorie meal plan” some thing will come up. However, receiving a meal plan doesn’t mean shit without having the WILL to follow it. Hence why I acknowledge the core problem, the mind. How you think about food, how you react under under stress, and how you let others influence you are the major factors that are keeping you from your healthiest self. Lets treat the problem not the symptoms.

The solution:

IF YOU WANT TO BE FIT, YOU HAVE TO BE AN ASSHOLE“. Once again, I get that same What the F%8K?!? look. “Let me explain. Throughout my years in this business I have noticed that any older person who is fit is usually very type A, head strong, even rude at times– some might call them kind of an asshole. But, if you think about it, can you imagine how many times this person has said the word NO?

While they’re out with friends they go “NO, I cant have that.”

When out with their spouse/lover/soul mate, ” NO NO, I really can’t eat that cookie.”

Out with their family, “NO seriously, I’m okay, I CAN’T eat that ice cream.”




Every NO more aggressive than the last.

You even have to say NO to yourself, because there is no bigger asshole influencer than that little voice in your head thats always saying, “oh come on, who cares… just eat that cake“.

They have said “NO” to the great marketing teams of the fast food industry that hire the best f*n writers to create the most compelling copy, the best photographers that take the most savory pictures, and the best advertisers who place their ads in the most visible locations. Most of the world wants you to eat bad, everyone is saying ” Oh come on, its just this one time!” The thing is- it’s not just that one time if it’s every time with some one or thing different. You have to be savage as f**k because “they” are not the ones looking in the mirror dissatisfied with what they see, “they” are not the ones who are going to deal with YOUR health issues when they arise. You can not be afraid to offend someone because you turn away their food, you can not be to afraid to let your friends drink by their own damn self, can’t be afraid to offend a client or co-worker who orders burgers and fries with a milk shake while you eat your salad. You have to be what some might call an asshole.

But, heres the thing…

It’s not really you that’s the asshole…

You are just trying to do the right thing and make healthy decisions while the world tries to bring you down to their level, they are intimidated or don’t understand your goals, and that makes them feel crappy, but that is NOT YOUR PROBLEM.

So once again…

You are not the one being the asshole…

The World Is.


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