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How To: Prepare for a Photoshoot Like a Pro

How To: Prepare for a Photoshoot Like a Pro

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WorkTrainFight Photoshoot

Come one come all! On March 25th, Work Train Fight is hosting it’s very own photoshoot, starring…YOU.

Why? Because we see you. We see you coming in to the gym, day after day, working hard, pushing yourself to be better, stronger, faster. We want to honor your hard work and give you an opportunity to show yourselves off! Because, like L’Oreal says, you’re worth it.

So now that you know the deal, you’re thinking, I’m not ready. Maybe it was those margaritas Friday night or that gust-busting Sunday brunch. You’re thinking, no way am I going to be looking my best by March 25th.

Here’s the thing: you’re are never ready, but having a date on the calendar is great motivation to get yourself into tip-top photoshoot shape (try saying that ten times fast).

And I’ll tell you how to do it. The good the bad and the ugly.

Get Your Ass (and Abs) in Gear

Elena Photo Shoot

Dehydrated and Abs Popping

Below, we’ll go beyond the regular ‘Do your cardio and eat your vegetables’ routine. I mean the nitty gritty details that fitness models use to get themselves ready for a shoot.

Trust me, I know from experience. 

Cuts are hard. You will know the true meaning of hangry (and so will your friends). Your energy levels will drop. This is to be expected. But it’s also cool AF to realize how much stronger mentally you are then you thought.

So take a step outside your comfort zone. Push yourself for one month, and the pictures will last a lifetime.

Remember, I am not a doctor and these are not tips that I would recommend following on a day in day out basis. So take them with a grain of salt (but hold the salt):

  1. Water Intake: In the week leading up to the event, drastically increase your water intake. Aim for a gallon a day up until 24-36 hours prior to the event, (side effects include: having to pee every 20-30 minutes). Then, cut down water intake and watch your abs pop! In the last 24 hours prior to your photoshoot, try only consuming water as needed.
  2. Salt: This one is pretty simple. Just Don’t Do It. In the week/weeks leading up to your show try not to consume anything with added salt or high levels of sodium as this will lead to water retention and bloating. 
  3. Diuretics: The name of the game prior to a photoshoot is dehydration (see above). This will help you look lean and defined. You can try adding an all-natural diuretic like dandelion root. Also, certain foods have natural diuretic properties such as asparagus, so choose your veggies wisely. Avoid vegetables known to cause bloating such as broccoli and brussel sprouts
  4. Diet: You already know what a crucial role diet plays in weight loss, and the same is true for a photoshoot. In the week before your shoot, drastically cut down on starchy carbs and try to get the majority of your calories from lean proteins and veggies. No sugar, no dairy, no alcohol.
  5. Exercise: Continue to kick ass. Make sure to keep mixing up strength training and cardio. In the weeks before your shoot, try adding in additional cardio time, and if you can, fasted cardio (i.e. before you eat anything in the morning) as this will maximize your fat-burning potential. No heavy weight-lifting within 48 hours of the shoot to avoid swelling.
  6. Fat-Burners: You can try adding a fat-burning supplement in the weeks before your photo shoot. This will ramp up your metabolism and help you burn off those extra few inches. You can also try a thermogenic pre-workout supplement which will have you sweating like a pig during your workout. If you are sensitive to caffeine, these may not be the best options for you.
  7. Preparation H: Yes, like the hemorrhoid cream, you read that right. Fitness freaks will go to great lengths to get themselves as lean as possible. And that includes smearing themselves in Preperation H and then wrapping themselves in Seran Wrap. This one is as nasty as it sounds. Not worth it.

Remember, cutting is not a prerequisite for this photoshoot. You are encouraged to show yourselves off in all shapes and forms. Because the only thing sexier than abs is confidence.

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