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Talking Nutrition With Amber Trejo

Talking Nutrition With Amber Trejo

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If exercise is king, than nutrition is definitely it’s mighty queen. With summer just around the corner, and everyone scrambling to get their beach-bod ready, I sat down with our very own Amber “Fab AF” Trejo, to talk nutrition, bust food myths, and give you pro tips to get you into your best shape yet.  



Amber “Fab AF” Trejo

E: Hey Amber, so, what is the biggest nutritional mistake you see clients making?

A:  Where do I begin?! The top two mistakes I see people make is not eating enough or going too long in between meals. I’ve seen too many people eat under a healthy caloric intake and run themselves right into trouble.

E: So you’re saying we should be eating more…?

A: Absolutely, but it has to be the right foods.

E: Well, that’s where a lot of people struggle. What is a typical day of eating for you?

A: A typical day for me starts with a large bowl of savory oats and two shots espresso before I go to work out.

The rest of my day relies heavily on eggs, poultry, rice, tons of veggies and fruit. I keep my diet as wholesome and organic as I can.

E: Yum, can’t beat that. And while that might be an average day, what is your favorite “cheat” food?

A: Pancakes!! I have always loved a good stack of jacks with real maple syrup. I try not to see it as a “cheat” meal because I follow a flexible dieting lifestyle. I’ve found considering it a re-feed or high carb day more mentally satisfying and carries less guilt afterwards.

E: Interesting point, guilt often causes people to spiral into an unhealthy eating pattern. What do you recommend clients do after a day/week/month of bad eating?

A: If you fall off, get right back on. You’re always one good meal away from getting back on track. It’s important to have a positive relationship with food. If you fall off, don’t beat yourself up, don’t think you failed or that healthy eating isn’t for you. Just remember why you started and get back at it!

E: OK, so everyone wants to know, when getting ready to hit the beach, what 3 foods would you recommend eating more of? What about 3 foods we should all eat less of?

A: Instead of specific foods, think of food groups. Get your protein intake up, choose lean, antibiotic and hormone free meats. Eat lots of vegetables, and don’t fear fruit, get in at least 1 serving a day. Another thing to get more of is fats! Avocados, nuts and oils like extra virgin and coconut are amazing sources of fatty acids that help battle the bulge. 

Everyone should eat less processed foods, limit foods that contain canola and other vegetable oils like soybean. Try to keep sweets to a minimum.   

E: Alright! Final words of wisdom? food blog

A:  Eat more quality foods and eat less shit. Train smarter, not harder.

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