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How WTF Does The Holidays

How WTF Does The Holidays

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With the end of 2017 rapidly approaching, and a million and a half articles out there telling you how to be healthy over the holidays, Work Train Fight wanted to weigh in. Below, our trainers pass on their wisdom from years of living clean, healthy, active lives. Or so you’d think…

“One Christmas I took some Benadryl to ward off cat allergies. Two was too many, and I missed most of dinner because I was sleeping off the drugs. It was the most self-control I’ve ever had. Life lesson: take Benadryl, knock out.” -Kate “Squat City” Hyman

“Really focus on engaging your bicep when you’re curling Christmas cookies into your mouth.” -Amber “Fab AF” Trejos 

On the subject of sweets, listen to Nikki “Pound Cake” Campbell, “Don’t eat any cookies! (So there’s more for me.)”

If you’re more of a numbers person, follow Paul “Muffin” Lapine‘s simple equation: 1) Look at all the foods. 2) Locate the tastiest ones. 3) Put them on your plate. 4) Eat them.”

Sometimes we know what we’re talking about… “Treat yourself and enjoy time with your family and loved ones. We rely on our happy, warm memories when we’re in need of comfort, more than memories of self-discipline and deprivation.” -Nikki “Poundcake” Campbell

And sometimes we’re a little too focused on our backside… “The holidays are here and with it, the temptation of food and drinks. Just make sure you get your ass back to the gym, or all that food is going straight to your rump!” -Martin “1970” Rios

You can adhere to the wisdom of a trendy Instagram #fitspo, or do like Mark “Cuddles” Sayer, When presented with all that delicious food and booze, take the wisdom of Homer Simpson. When Marge suggested drinking Mayonnaise with Vodka might be bad for his health he replied, ‘That’s a problem for future Homer, boy I’m glad I’m not that guy!'”

But for those of you a bit more focused on counteracting the caloric damage of holiday parties, follow Nikki “Poundcake” Campbell‘s advice, “Everything in moderation. Eat a cookie, maybe go for a walk. Eat a whole pie, maybe go for a long ass run.”

For those out for a little familial revenge, take Sonia “Jalapeno” Langlotz‘s advice, “Looking to torture your visiting family? Bring them to a WTF class. They’ll be too tired to complain about your tiny apartment and too scared of you to mention the fact that you’re “still single”. 

At the end of the day, it’s what makes YOU happy, “Enjoy the holidays as best as you can. If eating a ton of food makes you happy, then do it. It’s what I do! Of course you’ll see me back in the gym a day or two after. As long as you are willing to put in work and continue going to the gym after the holidays, then you should feel free to enjoy the holidays however you like.” -Josh “Tyra Banks” Christian

And here’s my two cents. One meal, or one day, or heck even one week is not going to make or break ANYTHING. Life is just not that serious. It’s about mental and physical health in the long run. So don’t make yourself (and your family) crazy by counting calories, tracking macros, or bringing a separate meal to the Christmas table. Moderation means being able to have those days when you are not following “the rules”. And most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELVES!

Happy Holidays,


-Elena “No Chill” Carpi

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